Photorespiration: Origin and Metabolic Integration in Interacting Compartments

Research Topics

Hermann Bauwe TP 01: Rate-limiting steps in photorespiratory metabolism and their importance for metabolic regulation
Hans-Peter Braun TP 02: Innercellular CO2 transfer during photorespiration
Alisdair Fernie TP 03: Dynamic analysis of metabolism under circumstances of altered photorespiratory flux
Martin Hagemann TP 04: Cyanobacterial photorespiration as possible evolutionary origin for the plant C2 cycle
Verónica Maurino TP 05: The impact of the short-cutting photorespiration on carbon
Ulf-Ingo Flügge   and nitrogen metabolism
Christoph Peterhänsel TP 06: Biochemistry and physiological importance of alternative photorespiratory pathways in higher plants
Achim Walter TP 07: Effects of photorespiration on leaf growth dynamics and plant biomass accumulation
Andreas Weber TP 08: Transport of photorespiratory intermediates between cellular compartments
Peter Westhoff TP 09: The evolution and role of photorespiration in C4 plants
Olaf Wolkenhauer TP 10: Investigation of photorespiratory metabolism by mathematical modelling

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